Friday, 10 August 2012

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Since the fiasco with BT, I am finally able to blog on my laptop which I infinitely prefer over blogging on my mobile phone!  Not only is the 3g service on my mobile very temperamental but I have a Touch Screen phone which has a tiny QWERTY keyboard on the screen - it's not very easy to type on!  But I have broadband at last and I'm thoroughly enjoying being able to use my laptop and iPod properly again not to mention being able to feel secure at night with a working phone line!

I have missed blogging the last few days but am relieved that I had Twitter.  In fact, I am glad I decided to join Twitter!  The amount of positivity I have felt from fellow users is amazing and I almost feel like I have a bit of an online social life!  I am too shy to meet new people in real life and too scared to interact with people I don't know, even at Mental Health drop ins.  So to have an anonymous presence on Twitter (and Blogger!) and have online conversations with people I don't know is like a life line.  It will probably be the closest I get to talking to friends outside of the family and I am so pleased I joined! Since joining Twitter, my mood has inwardly improved and I have done a couple of things which may seem trivial to most but are massive things for me!  For one, I took a shower without being told a few days ago - something which others may think is childish, or not worth mentioning.  If you are one of these people then I am guessing you have never experienced a Mental Health issue!

Another thing I did for the first time in I don't know how long was to change my jeans.  Normally, I only put on a clean pair of jeans whenever I go to dress and discover my Mum has thrown the ones I've been wearing in the wash.  Well, they could have walked to the washing machine I suppose, I've never seen my Mum putting them in the wash so they could have walked to cleanliness!  But yesterday morning, I was dressing and picked up my jeans to put them on.  I realised that they hadn't been washed for about a month (I'm surprised they weren't somehow in the washing machine weeks earlier!) and decided to get a clean pair from my wardrobe.  I walked downstairs in the clean jeans and my Mum did do a double take at them and was pleasantly surprised!  Again, something that a majority of people will do by themselves and not think anything of, but it is a big thing for me to do!

I am completely blown away by the positivity of everyone I have encountered on Twitter so far and if you are someone I have met through Twitter then thank you for your positivity!  I have decided to restart the 'writings' and am quietly confident that if I can make it long enough I will self publish it on Amazon.  I won't be using my real name though, I've not quite decided on what pseudonym I will use yet though.  I've a few ideas, but will have to discuss and research an unused pseudonym!

I really wanted to do more typing for the 'writings' tonight but let's just say the letters "I" "B" and "S" combined and took up most of the evening!  But I'll maybe have half an hour or so now to do a bit, providing no-one wants to borrow the laptop!

Hmmm, should I do more writing or go back to Twitter?

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