Sunday, 12 August 2012

Article for Mind's Blog

For any of you who don't know, Mind (the Mental Health Charity) do a blog on their website where they ask for submissions from anyone who has experiences with Mental Health issues whether it be professional experiences or personal.  I decided to write an article for them but am waiting on a response to see if they're even looking for submissions at the moment.  I only emailed them on Friday night and I don't think they work weekends so I'm not expecting a response until tomorrow or Tuesday.

I wanted to write something shorter than a book, to take a break from writing the book!  I really wanted to write for Mind so I set about to write an article.  I got to 800 words and then decided I didn't like the article so I deleted it and started again.  Thankfully it was on the computer so it wasn't a case of 800 words handwritten out and then thrown into the bin!  So I started again, writing about a completely different topic (well, sort of!) and the first draft was 1517 words long.  I decided that it was too long and went over it and got it down to, wait for it, 1513 words!  So unless there is a limit of 1000 words I think I'll just submit the whole thing and see how it goes!  Don't worry though, if it does get published the link to the article will be all over Twitter and Blogger so you won't miss out on reading it!  If it doesn't get published, I'll just copy the article into a post on here so it can be at least be read albeit by fewer people.

The book is coming along... slowly!  I'm up to 13,837 words so I'm not really even half way through!  I know exactly where needs expanding but to get the information I need to read through my hospital notebooks.  I'm not doing that until my dad comes home (5 weeks on Thursday!!!) and as there's a few big events just after he comes home it'll be a while after he comes home before I go through them.  I'm not looking forward to going through them but at the same time, I desperately want to read them and find out what's written in them.  I know there's going to be many bad memories invoked from opening them (there were enough of them in the first notebook alone!) so when I get past the first notebook that I've already read, I know it will be tough.  But if this book helps someone who's going through the same experiences or helps someone identify a friend or loved one who appears to be going through similar things to me then I know it'll be worth it.  Plus I'll hopefully raise a few quid for charity in the process!

I must admit I'm becoming hooked on Twitter's positivity!!  As I'm too scared of meeting people face to face, meeting people online is something that I'm really enjoying!  There are so many like-minded people to myself and in the short time I've been on Twitter there are a few people I would possibly even meet up with!  But unless there's a convention somewhere I probably won't end up meeting anyone as the people I wouldn't mind meeting up with live a fair way away from me!  I'd love to go to one of Ruby Wax's Losing It shows but she appears to have stopped doing them.  It's a shame as I didn't know they existed before a few weeks ago otherwise I probably would have gone to one!  Maybe I'll send her a message on Twitter and see if there are going to be any more shows in the near future!

So, just waiting on Mind to see if they want my article and then seeing what the response is to the article.  My YouTube video is up to 136 views with 4 likes and 0 dislikes!  Yes I know I'm advertising my own video but for anyone who's not seen it please watch and leave feedback here:

As I've said, I don't mind if it's negative feedback so long as it's justified.  A troll just saying that I'm stupid or pathetic or something is unjustified negativity but someone with constructive criticism is welcomed with open arms!  Anything that is wrong with the video I would like to know about so I can change it for the book!

I've just been made aware that I'm squinting and as I don't have my glasses here (I'm at my sister's) I'll have to stop writing now.  Don't want to get a headache!

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