Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Day I Helped Myself

"Why won't someone help me?
Why am I still this way?
Why do they leave me here alone
To struggle everyday?

"The times I cry for help,
They're so quick to dismiss.
They seem to think that it's OK
For me to live like this.

"So why should I go on?
Nothing will ever change."
And then when life seemed too hopeless
My thinking became strange.

I came up with a plan,
Of alien design.
My plan was positive for once,
Not negative resign.

I stopped the wait for one
To help me with my haze.
Instead, I'd fight the pain myself
With small but useful ways.

There was no magic wand
That anybody waved.
I had to start the change alone
For my life to be saved.

When I began the change
I had my first breakthrough.
It showed me that my attitude
Towards them was untrue.

They were trying to help.
They weren’t quick to dismiss.
They didn’t think that it was fine,
For me to live like this.

My own alterations
Returned my sense of self.
The spark for my improvement was
The day I helped myself.

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