Monday 11 March 2013

A Year of Blogging

Today is the one-year anniversary since starting my blog.  It's been a year with ups and downs but on the whole, it's been a positive year.  I've done a lot of writing in the past year where I have had blog posts used on other mental health blogging sites, charities, a magazine and have even done a radio interview!  I'm using this post as a boost to my confidence and also, as I would like to start writing professionally soon, I'm using this as a sort of C.V. (known as a résumé in other countries).  I've used a few different names when writing these, one is 'Freakshow', an affectionate name (yes, really!) my sister and I use for each other, another is 'Misty', which was my dog's name and the last one is 'Katy', and I hope you can work out why I've used that name!

I've also finally finished the first draft of my book!  It's at a suitable (ish) length now and all it needs is editing and finding a cheap (i.e. free!) proofreader.  I'll then self-publish and once it's available, I'll post the details of how to buy it on here and on Twitter.

Anyway, here they are, the guest blog posts I've written!  Within each category, I've tried to put them in date order but as some are undated, I can't be certain!  If I write more in the future, I will add them to this page, with 'EDIT:' in front of the link.

Guest Posts on Other Mental Health Blogs I can't provide a link that goes straight to what I've written but look for the post 'Facing Stigma from Myself' dated February 13, 2013.

EDIT: My post for The Fementalists can be found here:

Guest Posts on Mental Health Charities

EDIT: Blog Post for Time to Change Wales, April 2013:

Articles or Quotes in Magazines and Newsletters I featured in the Autumn 2012 magazine on Page 14, under the name 'Misty Rose'.  The name 'Rose' was used because I created an anonymous email account with a false name.  I used Misty as the first name but when Google required a 'real' surname, I didn't know what to use.  An advertisement for the 3D version of Titanic came on the television as I was pondering it, and the name 'Rose' (one of the main characters in Titanic) popped into my head.  Google accepted it as a surname and when I emailed my story to One in Four magazine, they used it as my pseudonym, even though I'd asked them just to call me 'Misty'. This newsletter was sent to all SANE Charity supporters and I was surprised to see a little quote of mine on Page 14!  The quote is under the name 'Misty'.

EDIT: My comments in the Daily Beast:

EDIT: My piece for Huffington Post's TED Talk by Eleanor Longden:

EDIT: My piece in Talkhealth Partnership:

EDIT: My second Huffington Post piece:

EDIT: My third Huffington Post piece:

EDIT: My fourth Huffington Post piece:

Radio Interviews

EDIT: My second radio interview:

EDIT: My third radio interview:

EDIT: My fourth radio interview:

Not bad for one year!  Not forgetting the blog posts I've written here and the book I've been working on, I've had a pretty successful year!  So while schizophrenia still sucks, it's not a death sentence, nor does it mean that I can't do anything with my life.  I may not be able to have a 'proper' job yet, but when I am able to, I will keep on writing.  If things change in the future and I feel able to work again, I will go straight back to volunteer work until I find paid work.  I love working.  While I don't care whether the work I do is paid or voluntary, I'd have to find paid work to get off benefits.

I'm fairly sure that I've written more things that have been used as guest posts but I can't remember right now.  If I find/remember them, I will add them here.  For those who have read my blog on a regular basis over this last year, thank you so much.  Each blog view, comment and Twitter interaction about my blog means the world to me.  I apologise for using a CAPCHA code when leaving a comment but the CAPCHA eliminated the spam comments!  Despite moderating all comments, the amount of spam I got was ridiculous.

Like everyone else, I don't know what the next 12 months will bring but hopefully, this time next year, I will be looking back and writing another positive post!  Fingers crossed!


My eBook

My first eBook, a collection of ten Christian poems can be found on Smashwords here or on Lulu here.


  1. Great blog and yes continue to write: I love the sharpness of your mind and your fantastic sense of humour. You have had me in stitches now and then

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping that my book will be online to buy in the next few weeks/months! I'm so glad I started writing, it has been a real life saver. Glad you like my sense of humour too, I always worry in case it's inappropriate!