Monday, 18 March 2013

I'm an Author!

This wasn't the ebook you were looking for...

Although my memoir's first draft is almost finished, it's not properly edited yet. Before I published it, I wanted to test out how to actually publish an ebook so I did! It's a short book of Christian poems, ten in all. The ePub version on Lulu is here and the PDF version on Lulu is here. Both versions are free.

I'm guessing that many of you who know me from Twitter won't know that I'm a Christian. It's not something I publicise on Twitter, but it's not something I hide either. I don't talk about it much on Twitter but if anyone does want to talk about Christianity, religion or anything else for that matter, I'm always willing to talk! I know that being religious is a sign of being unwell, with my sort of illness anyway, and I also know that talking about religious matters when someone is becoming unwell can do a lot of harm and little, if any, good. I have had 'religious confusion' in the past. My dominant voice called himself the devil and a lot of religious things became twisted in my head until I believed that some events in the Bible were about me.

I've used a pen name for publishing this book, Katy Gray, which is not my real name. It will be the name I use for my memoir too, when it is properly edited. I am hoping to also publish this poetry book through Smashwords and Feedbooks and if/when I am successful, I will post the links for those versions too. However, it will be identical to the two I've already published on Lulu so there's no need to download multiple versions of the same book!

I'm finally an author! (Albeit a self-published one!)

EDIT: For anyone on Smashwords who wants to download this ebook, the link is here. The ebook is identical to the ones on Lulu but Smashwords is more user friendly and has more formats of the book! Plus I don't think you need to sign up to Smashwords to download this ebook as it's free.

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