Sunday, 18 August 2013

To the Carers

To all the carers, this one's for you.

To all the carers young and old
Who care for us each day:
A little word to thank you all
For help we can't repay.

You don't care for financial gain
Or for some high regard.
The love you have for all of us
Is why you work so hard.

You don't help us for compliments
Nor fame or accolade.
To see us smile is everything,
The goal of your crusade.

You may not ever understand
The things we do or say.
You can't expect to know the whys
So please do not dismay.

Just know that it is fine to think,
"Why must they be like this?"
Or feel frustrations at our ways
When life is far from bliss.

You may feel you're inadequate
When everything falls flat.
But don't despair, YOU DO YOUR BEST!
You can't do more than that!

It's fine to feel that life's unfair
With burdens owned by few.
Ignore all those who point to some
Who, "Struggle more than you."

It's fine to seethe towards this crowd
Who don't see all you do.
Who cares that you are 'not worst off'
With all that you go through?!

So to the carers young and old:
Thank you for all you do.
For doing it for love, not gain
For helping us get through.

The tireless love you show for us
Has helped us all to thrive.
Thank you for all your no-strings care
And helping us survive.

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