Thursday, 21 February 2013

I'll be on the Radio!

Research in the US has found that bullied children can suffer lasting psychological harm as adults.  I agree with it, it's something I have believed ever since accepting that I had a severe mental illness.  The research is here and it's a good read.  It's quite a short article so I was able to read it all without losing concentration.

Anyway, the reason I became aware of this research was when I opened my emails this morning to discover an email from Mind's media team.  Radio 5 Live were looking for someone who had been bullied as a child and developed a mental illness to talk on their drive show this evening.  Mind thought of me and asked me if I would be willing to do it.  After getting over the shock, I emailed back and told them that I would do it!

I have spoken to someone at Radio 5 Live and she told me that they will do the interview with me at around 6:50 pm tonight.  It will be a short interview, probably a few minutes long but I'm still really nervous!  I was on local radio when I was 14 and saying that I made a fool of myself would be an understatement!  I hope I won't do the same tonight!

So tune in to Radio 5 Live at around 6:45 pm tonight to hear me hopefully not making a fool of myself!

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