Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hmmm... where to start...

Well seeing as how I'm terrible at introductions I think I'll just jump in and start moaning about this website. I'm not bad when it comes to technology and websites but even I am struggling with this one.

Well as you may have guessed from the blog title I'm a Twenty Something year old woman with a good sense of humour. Oh and something else too, what was it? Oh yes, I happen to be one of the 1% of the British population with schizophrenia. As you may also have guessed by my display name (Kitkat) I don't actually shout my diagnosis from the rooftops. Why? Well for starters doing so would likely get me straight back onto a section, a padded room and a whacking great dose of a sedative.

Another reason would be the millions of people who would misjudge me as a chainsaw wielding madwoman and the general public would think that they were doing the world a favour by shooting me dead. Well both reactions to me shouting my diagnosis from the rooftops could quite easily happen which is why a lot of people with schizophrenia tend to hide their diagnosis from even people they are close to. So after reading Louise Gillett's book detailing her journey through life with schizophrenia, I have nothing but utmost respect for her. My manager doesn't even know my diagnosis and I have no plans of telling him either. Granted, I do do volunteer work so me not disclosing my diagnosis shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately in such a terrible economic climate and job market I live off benefits and can only work as a volunteer. I don't look down on people who receive benefits but I absolutely hate being on them myself. But what employer in their right mind would hire someone deemed not in their right mind, especially one with a 3 year CV gap?

So that's one of the reasons why schizophrenia sucks. Another is that it's a blooming difficult word to spell!!!

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