Friday, 27 September 2013

Sectioned Again

Yes you read that right. I've been sectioned again. It's a long story and I'll keep this brief as I don't know how long my signal will hold.

Basically, last Monday, I went back to my doctor about the abdominal pain I wrote about in my last blog post. He told me to go to hospital, where I was seen by the same doctors as last time. This time, they decided straight away to do the exploratory surgery they'd discussed last time, and the following day, last Tuesday, they took me to theatre. The surgery went as expected but they couldn't find any medical cause for the pain, which has made them deem it to be either pain without medical cause or even just my IBS being weird or something.

Anyway, after the surgery, it took three days to fully wake from the anesthetic, even though the surgery only lasted an hour or so. When I did wake, I was usually on 1-2-1 obs, even though I was in a general ward. The nurses weren't trained in mental health and because of their concerns, they phoned my psychiatrist. Long story short, I was put on a Section 2 (28 day hold) last Friday.

I was taken to the same hospital I was in last time, hospital two, where I spent most of that 17-month stay. Most of the same staff are still here and remember me. However, at my first ward round on Tuesday, my psychiatrist decided he wanted me back on quetiapine (Seroquel). At the end, he said he'd get a second doctor and the social worker who sectioned me to speak to me again. The implication I got was that he was thinking about taking me off the section. I was wrong. On Wednesday, they changed me to a Section 3 (six month hold). Putting me on the Section 3 that day meant it was started four years to the day when I was brought into this hospital on my first Section 3.

It's a long story to go into but it's like the surgery has turned me into Jekyll and Hyde. For those who don't know, Jekyll and Hyde is a doctor called Jekyll who would turn into a monster called Hyde. That's how I am. When I'm Jekyll-like, I'm calm and can think straight. When I'm Hyde-like, I get angry and lose my temper really easily. I keep turning into Hyde at the worst possible moments too - ward round, seeing the social worker etc. I'm Jekyll-like at the moment, but don't know how long this will last. I will clarify that I'm still Katy with both Jekyll and Hyde. I've not got multiple personalities!
I have an appeal against my Section on Monday, but it's not looking like I'll be successful. A few nurses have independently said the word 'relapse' already. Everything was going so well.

I don't know how much I'll be able to update my blog and stuff as the 3g signal here is really bad. Phones are allowed to most patients as the bedroom doors here have electronic locks. We all have the fob to get in our own rooms but we can't get into other patients' rooms unless they let us. Obviously the staff all have a master key. Or rather a master fob. I'm currently on random obs, which means the staff check on me at different times so I can't work out when they're next going to look in. It's annoying to be honest!

Anyway, I'll get going as the signal is dropping. I'll not be able to read the comments on this blog post for a while as I can't access the full internet or emails (using the Blogger app to write this) so if you want to leave a message, it's best to contact me through Twitter. I may not be able to respond though, so please don't be offended if I don't reply.

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