Sunday, 26 May 2013

A New YouTube Video!

So, who wants to see a cute baby picture of me?!

After seeing a video request from SANE Charity and the Black Dog Tribe, I created a new YouTube video about some of my memories from my experiences of mental illness. Whilst I have more than enough bad memories from my mental health experiences, I decided to create a positive and hopefully uplifting video. After all, what better way to help fight stigma than to show how wonderful some of the patients I met in hospital were?!

The video can be found here: (and the video is where the cute baby picture of me can be found!)

Also, I've created a Facebook account and Facebook page to try and promote the magazine a bit more (Remember, it's Still Here magazine which can be found at!) If you're on Facebook, please take a moment to like my page! It can be found at

I'd really appreciate tips on places I could advertise the magazine on a budget. And when I say on a budget, I really mean for free! I've submitted it to but I don't know where else I can advertise it for free. I've been splashing it across Twitter, Facebook and trying to get shout outs from various mental health charities and have so far been unsuccessful in the latter. So please, where can I advertise the magazine?!

Any suggestions greatly welcomed!

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