Sunday, 30 September 2012

Night School and Busyness

So I've not blogged (or even Tweeted!) much recently. It's been a busy time for me the last few weeks, my parents came home a couple of weeks ago, then it was a big birthday for my Dad and then yesterday we went to a wedding in South Wales. But one big thing that I did, and chose to do, was to go to Night School.

It is a very short course in creative writing, 9 weeks long and 2 hours one night for each of these weeks. I was too scared to go by myself so because I am on disability benefits and have a carer (my Mum) I didn't have to go alone. It was really good and I enjoyed it despite embarrassing myself!

We did a few exercises in writing and a couple of icebreakers which went well; the thing I embarrassed myself with was when we had to write a 'bad' story. It only had to be a few lines long and it was quite difficult to be honest! It's something you should try out! Anyway, I imagined my parents seeing my sister and I walking up the path from school (even though we never did that!) and throwing either a bucket of water or a water bomb out of the window at us as 'payback'. It was all I could of to be honest! Anyway, because my parents' bedroom overlooks the path at the front of the house, I wrote that they ran giggling upstairs to their bedroom and then slid their bedroom window open. I thought it would be a bad story and so I read it out. Only afterwards when the tutor said that she thought it was going to be a romantic story that I realised my story was full of innuendo! And I mean FULL of innuendo!! So that was embarrassing!

At the end, we were given half an hour to write anything that she could read and assess our writing skills and I wrote a semi-true story about a woman defeating her demons by sitting in a school classroom. Once it was over, Mum and I left and I felt quite positive. I'm looking forward to next week!

It's the first time I've ever looked forward to going to school! It's something I want to do, something that hopefully won't be too difficult either! And hopefully it will help me with my book too!

Anyhow, I know this isn't a ground breaking post and more like a diary so I won't drag this out any further!

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