Wednesday, 10 October 2012

For you, Louise!

As I couldn't post this as a response to your blog post I've had to write a blog post to include this picture!  Despite having it on my Kindle app, I now have the paperback too!  I knew you'd believe me if I told you I'd bought it but I still felt like including a picture (apologies for the poor quality picture!)

Hope sales at least remain steady or even increase!


  1. That's lovely, thank you! I showed your picture to Paul - he likes it too. I was hoping you would make it to Newcastle - although as it was my first public speaking gig I quite wanted to keep it low key. I was interviewed by the student science magazine when I was there and I mentioned you - not by name - as someone who has the same diagnosis and who has started to write as therapy - I said I like to think of you as my 'protegee'! Thanks for everything. Louise x

  2. I was hoping to make it to Newcastle too but I was actually busy over those days which was a rarity for me! No doubt there'll be more of you speaking at events though so hopefully some time in the future your 'protegee' will be in the crowd!!